Steering axle 6037.1 00.00.00

Steering axle 6037.1 00.00.00
  • The steering axle has a loading capacity 12 tons. and is intended for installation in large-sized machines with increased capacity - from 10 to 12 tons.
  • The suspension is solid axle and bronze bush
  • The steering has a hydraulic cylinder double acting
  • The steering axle naked is stable welded construction.
  • Fundamental elements – stub axles and hubs is used welded construction with proper reinforcement ensures the necessary strength.
  • The bearing is reliable and adapted to all road conditions allowed for operation of similar vehicles and has proven reliability and resource.

Steer axle

L, mm

L1, mm

D, mm

Load capacity, kN

RMU 6037.1 00.00.00





  • It consists of massive and strong welded components – steering axle naked, stub axle and that are built on proven technology. The bridge has a competitive price for the class steering axles.