Servo brake 180x40

Servo brake 180x40

Balkankar Ruen JSC manufactures servo brakes size ф180x40. They are installed in vehicles with a maximum of V = 40 km / h and an equivalent number of stops in both directions of rotation. At customer's request, the elements of this model servo brakes can be also made as spare parts for all forklift trucks of "Balkankar."

Guaranteed braking power at wheel brake cylinder pressure p=8 MPa                              1400 Nm

Rated pressure in wheel brake cylinder                                                                                 8 MPa

Guaranteed braking power when mechanical lever is actuated by force


  • at brake drum turning clockwise                                                                                 860Nm
  • at brake drum turning anticlockwise                                                                           600Nm

Working area of braking shoes                                                                                              151 сmᶟ

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