Flexible joints

Flexible joints

Balkankar Ruen JSC is a company with traditions in the production of hydraulic flexible joints. We are famous for high quality and flawless work in the production of flexible joints. Our flexible joints are tested out on stands and are distinguished for their long life and excellent crimping.

For their construction we use high-quality hoses of the following types:

  • rubber with textile braids – 1TE, 2TE, 3TE, - EN 854 and conditional diameter of 6mm/1/4"/ to 19mm/3/4"/
  • rubber with steel braids – 1SN, 2SN – EN 853 and conditional diameter of 5mm /3/8"/ to 32mm/1/4"/
  • rubber with steel braids – 4SH, 4SP – EN 856 teflon hoses for high temperature up to 200°C – PTFE and TFW with defensive outer steel braiding
  • ordinary and waffle hoses with conditional diameter 13 and 16mm


We produce fittings for different connecting – type DKO, DKR, JIC, meeting the modern European standards – EN, DIN. For the production of a flexible joint we meet the demands of the customer for the type of the fittings and the length of the joint.

The working fluid is: fuel, oil, cooling liquids, technical gases, air and others.

The operating pressure is up to 450 bar, and varies depending on the type and the conditional diameter of the hose. Flexible compounds undergo testing on a stand and have a high durability and excellent crimp.


To produce the desired flexible joint, it is necessary to specify:

1. Type of hose: 1ТЕ, 2ТЕ, 3ТЕ, 1SN, 2SN, 4SH, 4SP, PTFE и TFW.

2. Conditional diameter of the hose - DN – 5 /3/8"/, 6 /1/4"/, 8 /5/16"/, 10 /3/8"/, 12 /1/2"/, 16 /5/8"/, 20 /3/4"/, 25 /1"/, 32 /1 1/4"/, 38 /1 1/2"/.

3. Types of fittings according to catalog data for them.

4. The length of the flexible joints in mm.

5. The orientation of the fittings , if any.

6. We comply with the requirements of the customer on the type of fittings and the length of the compound.