Fittings for flexible joints

Fittings for flexible joints

Balkancar Ruen JSC is a company with a great experience in the manufacturing and crimping of fittings. For this aim we have a complete machinery equipment, which guarantees the highest quality of the fittings we produce.

The fittings for hydraulic hoses are connecting elements for hydraulic lines. We offer wide range of ways for mounting and sealing. The fittings crimped to the hydraulic hoses are different types, depending on the way the mounting in the hydraulic system is done and the pressure which the joint bears. Fittings guarantee reliability of the connecting and seal. We keep a wide range of fittings and hydraulic hoses in stock and we continuously increase the nomenclature we offer. We try our customers to be able to find everything they need at one place, saving their time and efforts. 


Our fittings are suitable for installation on the following types of hydraulic hoses:

- 2TE, 3TE - EN 854 - hydraulic hoses for low pressure - 40 - 130bar

- 1SN, 2SN - EN 853 - hydraulic hoses for medium pressure - 90 - 350bar

- 1SC, 2SC - EN 857 - hydraulic hoses for medium pressure - 90 - 350bar

- 4SP, 4SN - EN 856 - hydraulic hoses for high pressure - 300 - 450bar

- PP, PT - special compact hoses, resistant to friction and pressure - 200 - 300bar single and paired

- PTFE and TFW high - temperature resistant Teflon hoses - operation at temperatures up to 200ºC


A list of fittings that we produce:

Fittings with metric thread - on DIN:

Fittings with frontal seal - Head banjo bolt - DIN 7642

Banjo bolt for connection of flexible joints with "Head" - DIN 3868

Fittings with conical seal 24º and 60º - DIN 3868

Fittings with conical seal 24º "О" ring - DIN 3865

Fittings with male metric thread and frontal seal by copper ring / DIN 7603 / - DIN 3852

Fittings with male metric thread and conical sealing 24º - DIN 3861

Fittings on SAE standard:

Fittings with conical seal 74º, and thread UNF - SAE J516 / J514